Mina Fina / Mina Zabnikar
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MINA FINA is a human. She wakes up everyday with good intentions but ends up eating cakes. She likes drawing mundane objects and writing down words. In her spare time she works as a graphic designer. She is part of grupa Ee, a graphic design collective, since 2008. Also, she is with audio visual group Your Gay Thoughts. And a proud member of Riso Paradiso "druck und verlage" circle.

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Some of my art books are also available at this nice bookstores: KAPSULA Ljubljana, MOTTO Berlin, NAPA Helsinki, HIP HIP ATELIER Sofia, PRINTED MATTER New York,
PERIMETER BOOKS Melbourne. Or look at your local art bookstore.
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for my "client work" see ee-grupa.com
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Grupa Ee
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Riso Paradiso

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